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Monomoy Yacht Club was founded by a group of yachtsmen in 1937. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of Massachusetts. The Club seeks to provide activities and fellowship for those with a common love of the water, and enable them to fulfill that interest with others either as active boaters or in social relationships.

The Club maintains a club house at Stage Harbor, Chatham, Massachusetts and is listed in the Register of American Yacht Clubs. The club house, with a beautiful view overlooking Stage Harbor, is the site of many functions throughout the year.

Major activities are the rendezvous and raft-outs scheduled during the boating season. They are held in both Pleasant Bay and Stage Harbor and surrounding waters. Some are in locations that can be reached by both sea and land. Additionally, the club sponsors races on larger sailboats, and kayak outings on fresh and salt water in the lower and outer Cape.

The Club's social life goes year-round. Popular features are dinners and luncheons for members and their guests scheduled with seasonal needs in mind. BYOB cocktail parties are held monthly at the club house.

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