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Ron Clark has taken over as MYC webmaster, following in the fine path blazed by predecessors Jeff Hahner, Regina McDowell, and John Kaar. Thanks to John Kaar for his 3-year recent tenure and his ongoing expansion of the information content on the MYC website. 


Websites continue to be the place where many members would like to look up information about an event or activity, look up a member's email address, or use as a gateway for finding other information about local boating (because MYC tries to provide as much info as possible that might be useful to our members). We will try to continue improving the ease of use, information content, and access using smartphones and tablets.


The new MYC website has a new look, because it is now built 'in the cloud' using new tools that make website building easier than ever. This approach also makes it easier for more than one person to work on the website, if for no other reason than to have a backup webmaster. 


Most if not all of the information from John's prior website has been moved over to this new site. (Let us know if you miss something). The list below summaries what's new, other than the layout and organization of pages.


What you see now is Stage 1 of the new website. Further improvements are described below.


What's New:

  • The menu bar across the top of each page is a drop-down style menu, and shows almost every page on the website. There is also a Sitemap, with a link in the footer area of every page.
  • The menu navigation on smartphones and tablets is touch-based, and starts by tapping the small horizontal bars in the upper left of the screen, as illustrated in the picture of a smartphone screen.
    This menu has been optimized for ease of use and shows only two levels of menu.  Detailed pages in the 3rd level of navigation are still available using links from higher pages, or via the Sitemap.

Smartphone Screenshot

  • A new Events and Activities Calendar lists all boating, social, and training activities, whether held at the MYC Clubhouse or elsewhere. The prior calendar, which lists only use of the Clubhouse, has been incorporated into the Clubroom Reservations page.  
  • With the addition of an Events and Activities Calendar, there is a new page explaining how to add the events on the MYC calendar to your own personal calendar. See this page for the steps to accomplish this.
  • The Member Area is still password-protected, but using only a password (same one as in the past), not a combination of ID and password.
  • The Member Area holds only sensitive information or info truly intended only for a member audience. The whole website is of course for members, so some information that is not sensitive and was previously under password has been moved to public pages (for example, the Ship's Store, and the Membership Application Form).
  • A new page holds miscellaneous Member-Only information. If you have an idea about additional information that would be useful, please suggest it.
  • The Member Directory and Yacht Directory (in the Member Area) have been re-formatted so they display better across many different size screens. With the new format, there are also links from other pages to member entries for their contact details.
  • Additional photos have been collected from several members and used throughout the website. This will be a continuing effort.


Goals and non-goals:

  • The website is not social media. We will make use of lots of pictures that complement the content, but do not expect pictures of every recent event to appear on the website.
  • The goal is for information to be accurate, including postponements and cancellations, but trust a last-minute email blast about an event over the information on the website, if they do not agree.
  • We will rely on MYC event organizers to provide content and updates about their events. If you want something on the website, just ask. But you need to ask! It cannot happen automatically. This includes updates to the new MYC Events & Activities Calendar.