Club House Room Reservations & House Rules

All use of the  MYC Club House facility is shown on the single unified MYC Events and Activities Calendar.


This page is about reserving the Club House room.


For Club functions needing to use the Club House, it is sufficient to have your function listed on the MYC Events and Activities calendar, since this will implicitly show the Club House room is busy.

For Club committee meetings or other activity not part of the Boating or Social or Training schedules, you should reserve the room.

All reservations and arrangements should be made in advance with Joanna Noonan. You may use the form at the bottom of this page.


When not in use for Club functions, the Club House is available to members for private parties of not more than fifty people. Check the MYC Events and Activities Calendar to see if the time you'd like is free. Club activities using the Club House are listed as taking place at the Club House.

Rules regarding use of the Club House are listed below.

Reservations and arrangements must be made in advance with Joanna Noonan. You may use the form at the bottom of this page.


MYC Club House Rules

The board encourages the members to use the Club House for personal functions.

Reservations must be arranged through the house reservations chair (Joanna Noonan at ).

A member must be present at all times; no fee may be charged.




Members/persons who have permission to use the Club House for private functions will kindly observe the following rules:


1. No smoking in the Club House.

2. Radios, stereos or tape recorders are not permitted.

3. Grills, hibachis or electrical appliances are not allowed. The coffee maker is available and may be used.

4. Fire regulations allow a maximum of fifty people in the Club House.

5. The host/member is responsible for any incidental damage to the property and the furnishings.

6. The club assumes no responsibility for any personal property bought to or left on the premises.




1. Be sure it is clean.

2. The coffee maker, if used, is turned off.

3. Turn off the ventilator.

4. Close and lock the windows.

5. Secure the faucets.

6. Return all the furniture to its proper place.

7. Place all the trash in the dumpster at the foot of the stairs.

8. Leave the thermostat set at 55 degrees.

9. Turn off all the lights.

Request Form for Use of Club House

Entries marked “*” are required. Fill in the above information and click “Submit Request” below. You will get a confirming email from Joanna.

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