MYC 2020 ReOpening Committee

  • A Zoom Meetings were held on Monday June 1, 2020 and Monday June 8, 2020

  • Committee Members are Dr. Margaret Tompsett, Dr. Homayoun Kazemi (Kaz), Joel Rottner, Tony Boynton, and David Holden (Chairman)

  • Committee representation included medical, legal, insurance and business backgrounds.

  • The MYC Clubhouse is roughly 1000 sq. ft. of interior space and a 300 sq. ft. outdoor deck. The clubhouse has a rated capacity under normal conditions of 50 persons. The clubhouse is cleaned once per week by a contracted person.

  • The committee recommended that our clubhouse should not be used for other than one on one activities (like club store sales) through at least the end of August.

  • The consensus of the committee was that club activities should be limited to sessions on Zoom or comparable platform, outdoor activities maintaining social distance guidelines (i.e. kayaking (each person in a kayak maintaining social distance when out of the water), sailing and boating with family only in the boat, activities on beaches (Hardings, Jackknife, Crescent) and other large gathering areas where social distance can be maintained and masks worn. Any food and drink should not be shared. Committee members recommended that a log of attendees be retained for all club activities.

  • Committee members offered guidance relative to yacht club boating activities. For kayaking and small boats (power and sail), the committee was favorably inclined as long as only family members in the vessels, masks worn when outside the vessel, no sharing of food, drink, insect spray, sunscreen, life jackets, etc., and no socialization in groups when out of the vessels. Kayaking with 10 vessels or less in the trip groupings and/or staging the departure times of groups so that social distance can be maintained given the details of the outing. Large boats (power and sail) the committee was in agreement at this time that the club should not sponsor races or outings until further information can be obtained given the history of non-family members in the crews and potential club liability.
  • The committee has begun investigation of alternative meeting venues with the focus on outdoor spaces.

  • Committee members recommended regular communication and updates be issued to the club members regarding club planning and decision making under the current pandemic conditions with reference to federal, state, and local guidance/requirements.