MYC New Calendar Explanation

The MYC website is adopting new technology for its public calendar, primarily because issues of inaccuracy have come to light regarding the use of a Google calendar, which has been in use for several years.


The problem with the Google calendar is that for some combinations of devices and web browsers, event times are displayed one hour off from their correct time, when you look ahead on the calendar to a month that has a different daylight-savings-time setting from your current timeframe. More detail is available for the asking, but not described here.


The following notes are also on the new calendar web page, below the calendar itself.



  • This is now a single calendar for all MYC Events and Activities (no matter where they take place), plus all use of the MYC Club House (public and private bookings). 
    • The new calendar also has several new features that we have made use of: 
      • Event categories. See the color-coding legend at the bottom of calendar grid, as well as viewing selectivity.
      • Search the calendar using the Search button at the bottom of the calendar grid.
    • The calendar displays as a month-by-month grid on screens wider than about 700 pixels, and as a list of scheduled events on screens narrower than about 700 pixels (most smartphones in vertical/portrait orientation).
  • The process of booking the Club House for member private use or MYC committee meetings is unchanged. Please see the Use of the Club House web page.
    • However, coordinators of MYC activities (such as BYOBs or other public member events) held at the Club House do not need to separately reserve the room. The activity being listed on this calendar will implicitly make it known that the Club House room is in use. 
    • For MYC committee meetings or private use, the room should be reserved, and the calendar entry will show as much detail as you choose, but in any case the Club House room will be shown as busy.
  • This calendar replaces the two shared Google calendars previously used, for reasons explained above.
    • The old Google calendars will be cleared of all entries soon (in February 2020), so that no one is confused if you have saved access to those calendars. (The calendars will not actually go away since they are associated with Google accounts owned by MYC).
    • You can still 'import' the entries on this calendar to your own Calendar App on your favorite device, just as you were able to do so with the Google calendars. The instructions have been updated to reflect the new web address of this new MYC Calendar. See the instructions here.