MYC Calendars

There are now two calendars online, as well as the 'Refrigerator Card' published each year listing events and activities.


  • The new "MYC Events and Activities" calendar displays all Monomoy Yacht Club events and activities. Clicking an entry displays more information. This calendar is displayed with an "Agenda" view, which shows better activity titles than the monthly grid view.  See more Viewing Tips below the calendar.
  • The Clubhouse Facility page now includes the Clubhouse Room Reservations Calendar (the only calendar displayed on the prior MYC website). You can also find a room reservation form and room usage rules on this page.
    The menu item "Clubhouse Reservations Calendar" also re-directs you to this page.

  • The Refrigerator Card is also available for viewing, or for download if you want to re-print a copy.



TIP: The MYC events and activities calendar entries can also be displayed on your regular Google calendar, or in your mobile device Calendar App. Click here for instructions on how to set that up.