Monomoy Yacht Club is a member of the Yachting Club of America and is listed in the Register of American Yacht Clubs Reciprocity Guide that is published by YCA. A copy of the updated annual Guide is kept in the club house for reference by MYC members. 


The Guide contains the names and addresses of over 650 member Yacht Clubs, and provides information for each regarding reciprocity, dockage, facilities and duration of season.

Visiting Other Yacht Clubs

Members of Monomoy Yacht Club may use some facilities of other yacht clubs, under the terms of reciprocity arrangements. Clubs are listed in the Register of American Yacht Clubs Reciprocity Guide found in the MYC Clubhouse, or in the online guide at the Yachting Club of America website.


More information about procedures, letters of introductions, and instructions for signing in to the YCA website can be found on the Other Member Information -> Visiting Other Yacht Clubs  password-protected page in the Member Area of this website.



Visiting Monomoy Yacht Club

Members of other yacht clubs with reciprocity arrangements may use certain facilities of the Monomoy Yacht Club.



Please see the MYC Facilities page for more information about guest use of MYC Facilities.