2018 Chatham Boat Parade

2018 will be our 6th year for sponsoring and organizing Chatham’s popular boat parade. This year the parade will be on Saturday, August 11th.


The parade is open to all boaters and they are encouraged to decorate their boats and crews in a theme that will be announced in the next few months. Decorations using a patriotic theme will always be welcome! The fleet assembles in Stage Harbor with participants assembling at around 11:30AM before proceeding up the Oyster River to pass before the onlookers and Judges at Oyster Pond Beach at about 12:30PM. Judging for the various prizes and bragging rights will be based on originality and enthusiasm.




Chatham Boat Parade
Credit: Rebecca A.

Besides encouraging MYC members to participate as entrants, we also need a few members to join the committee to help out with running this fun event.


We need help in Marketing, Judging and Communications. It’s lots of fun and if you have any interest we’d love to hear from you.