Boat Parade Guide for Captains

2018 Chatham Boat Parade – Saturday August 11th
Guide for Captains:
Captains should employ safe boating practices at all times. 

You may get your registration number in advance by contacting us by e-mailing Norm Hodge at the address at the bottom this page. 

OR you may get your registration number on the water the day of the parade from a Monomoy Yacht Club committee boat. They will be cruising along the southwest side of the Stage Harbor outer harbor near the #13 green can between 11:00am. and 12:00 noon. This large printed number is only intended to help the judges to identify your boat; it is not your place in line. Display this number on the Starboard side of your vessel and make sure it is visible for the judges. The judges will be roaming Stage Harbor and will be anchored on the north side of Oyster Pond just outside the swimming area.

  • At 12:00 noon the Parade Marshall’s boat “Seaclusion” flying the large yellow Monomoy Yacht Club burgee, will signal the official start. You should form up in an orderly line behind Seaclusion as the parade heads northeast up the Stage Harbor channel past the Harbormaster’s dock and thru the mooring field. Leave 3 or 4 boat lengths between your boat and the one in front of you. High tide in Stage Harbor is at 12:40pm which means we will have ample water.
  • Monitor VHF Channel #69. It will be the working channel that will be used to communicate with all participants during the parade.
  • After the pass thru Stage Harbor, the fleet will head southwest and then turn up the Oyster River at approximately 12:30pm. Stay in line and watch the channel markers; be prepared to tilt your engines if you encounter shallow spots.
  • If you join the parade in the Oyster River, wait until the rear of the existing line passes your location then approach the Monomoy Committee boat to get your number. Do not cut into line.
  • The route from Stage Harbor to Oyster Pond Beach is about 2 miles. Upon arrival in Oyster Pond, the fleet will follow the Marshall’s boat in making a number of counter clockwise passes by the beach leaving the judge’s boat to starboard.
  • Judge’s will announce the prize winners over channel 69. If you are a winner please report to the Judge’s Boat where you will be given your certificates and prizes. 

Thank you for participating in the 6th annual Boat Parade. Visit our website at

Send registration requests, comments and suggestions to: Norm Hodge at