Large Sailboat Training Program

February 18, 2022


The Keelboat Training Program is unlike any other boating opportunity in the Monomoy Yacht Club. The program has been planned carefully to ensure that our boat is in top notch shape and our members will be able to safely participate in the program. I will use this space to update our progress as the key elements of the program take shape. Please remember we are in the early implementation stage but progress will accelerate as we proceed through Spring.


The current status is :

Tony Boynton is completing the documentation required to insure the boat and the Club members;


Dave Wilber is scheduling a press release and interview with the Cape Cod Chronicle to announce the donation of the boat by David and Trish Vincent and the establishment of the the new Keelboat Training Program;


David Vincent is documenting the training and certification requirements;


Douglas Fields and David Vincent are recruiting staff for all aspects of the program;


Dave Holden is finalizing the Keelboat Oversight Committee with the goal of ensuring each committee member is actively engaged in the program.


By mid March I plan to update this status memo with the steps completed since this was written and lay out the next steps to completion.


Again if you wish to participate or wish to help out do not hesitate to contact me or any members of the committee.


Thank you for your interest.


Jim Doggart


New Draft Pages for the Monomoy Windsong Sailing Program

L.O.A.: 22' 4"
L.W.L.: 16' 3"
Beam: 7' 4"
Draft: 3' 0"
Displacement: 3,200 lbs.
Ballast: 1,400 lbs
Sail Area: 240 sq. ft.
Designer: Carl Alberg
Years Built 1981 - 1985
Nr. Built 176