Reserving  "Windsong"

Dispatch Process Overview


  • Submit the reservation request, (using the form to the right/below) requesting Windsong - Date / time. 
    Submitting the form sends an email to Dave Doherty.
    Dave will email back a confirmation of the reservation.

  • Complete Float plan prior to boarding Windsong.
    Use the US Coast Guard mobile app.
    • E-mail the Float Plan to your onshore contact and to the MYC Windsong  email address -  
    • Obtain confirmation from your onshore contact that the float plan was received.

  • Sail Windsong 
  • Email your onshore contact to confirm safe return.

  • Email David Doherty at  to report Windsong's safe return to the mooring and any maintenance issues.


Reservation Form 

The Windsong bookings calendar is shown below the reservations form, showing when Windsong is free.  One reservation per day is allowed, no matter the exact hours you plan to sail.


By submitting this reservation form, the member acknowledges having read the "Windsong Procedures & Rules" page (click to view) and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth therein. 


This form will be sent to the Windsong  reservation manager who will be in touch with you to confirm and reserve the date requested, if available. 


Prior to boarding “Windsong”, the Skipper is required to submit a Float Plan, using the US Coast Guard mobile app, which describes the details of the planned sail.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Note: This form is for MYC members who are certified skippers to request use of  Windsong for a day.   If you wish to sail on  Windsong as a crew member, please contact Debbie Nelson of the Windsong Program Committee at, who will contact you with available dates and skippers.


Windsong Calendar

Booked days are shown as simply "busy".