Windsong Procedures & Rules

This is a DRAFT page, not yet accurate or complete.

Process Overview


  • Send the reservation request email to Dave Doherty requesting Windsong - Date / time. 
    Dave Doherty emails back a confirmation of the reservation.

  • Complete Float plan prior to boarding Windsong.
  • Email the Float Plan to your onshore contact and to the MYC Windsong  email address -  

  • Obtain confirmation from your onshore contact that the float plan was received.
  • Sail Windsong 

  • Email your onshore contact to confirm safe return.
  • Email David Doherty to report Windsong's safe return to the mooring and any maintenance issues.



AKNOWLEGMENT: Details of this program have been extensively copied from the relevant US Sailing Certification Course.



US Sailing recommend that Basic courses and examinations be conducted on 18′ to 27′ day-sailing sloop-rigged boats with tiller steering and with adequate equipment inventory to complete all required certification outcomes. MYC will follow these guidelines for authorizing use of an MYC Boat.



MYC Members desiring to be Skipper will be required to have:

  1.  Passed the State Boating Safety Program. (Public courses are available and there is a free online courses with the Boat US Foundation.)



  1.  Use of MYC boats requires an approved Skipper. Skippers have to be signed off by an MYC Mentor/Moderator. 
  2.  All crew members shall wear a life jacket (except below deck), and non marking closed toe shoes. There shall be no alcohol aboard. Prior to setting sail a MYC Float Plan shall be filed with the Dispatch Manager and a person on shore (e.g. a family member) who will monitor your return. No more that four persons may be on the vessel.
  3.  Reservations will be for one day and limited to daylight sailing in moderate conditions within Stage Harbor, the channel to and the waters of Nantucket Sound.



Members should review the levels – Mate, Midshipman, Master, Skipper as laid out in the Basic MYC Sailing Program - Sailing Achievement Level Cards. To obtain MYC approval to use an MYC Boat the Member will demonstrate Skipper proficiency on the water, moderated by experienced Mentors appointed by the MYC Commodore. To help MYC Members achieve these levels there will be Clubhouse training available and mentored on-the-water practical experience.


MYC requires the successful completion of the knowledge and skill requirements summarized below and detailed in the Sailing Achievement Level Cards. These requirements are expected to be performed safely with confident command of the boat in familiar waters with a wind range of 5 to 15 knots. Nantucket Sound often has stronger prevailing conditions: Winds up to 20 Knots, with clear visibility and wave heights up to 3 feet will be acceptable if the candidate can safely control the boat and be aware of his or her and their crew's limitations in these conditions.