MYC Social Activities

Commodore's Luncheon Cruise
Credit: Rebecca A.

MYC social activities include:  (click any one for more details)

MYC prides itself on the many activities, especially social events, held throughout the entire year. Members can expect at least four major events each year,  including the Commodore’s Luncheon and the annual Summer Beach Party. The entertainment committee arranges for a variety of creative gatherings and Special Events, such as the recent annual Kentucky Derby Party. In the past we have also held an Oktoberfest, dinner/theater parties and themed luncheons or get-togethers.


Not all of our events are centered around food. The Club has ventured off to tour Battleship Cove in Fall River, experienced the multimillion-dollar ship simulator at Mass Maritime Academy and many other educational and interesting endeavors. Our social group encompasses a multitude of events and members are notified well in advance of any upcoming functions, many of which require a fee and/or reservations to attend. Some luncheons and parties are quickly sold out so it is beneficial to register for an event in a timely manner.


Club members are encouraged to invite guests to many of the functions; however, preferential attendance for members may be required when there is limited capacity due to the size of the venue.

Summer Beach Party
Credit: Rebecca A.
Clubhouse Dinner
Credit: Rebecca A.