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Monomoy Yacht Club is located in Chatham, MA, on the elbow  of Cape Cod, with the Atlantic Ocean to the East and Nantucket Sound to the South. 

The mission of Monomoy Yacht Club is to

encourage and sponsor boating activities and events

• promote the science of seamanship and navigation

• conduct year-round programs and social activities

• build and develop camaraderie among members

• provide and maintain a suitable Club House and facilities for the recreation and use of its members


Membership is drawn primarily from the towns of Chatham and Harwich, both of which have shorelines on both the ocean and the Sound.


The Yacht Club has two fleets - the East Fleet based in waters that open to the Atlantic, and the South Fleet on Nantucket Sound's harbors and inlets.


On-the-water recreation  include activities for power boats and  sailboats, and kayaking. 

Members can participate in both fleets' activities - one day as captain of one's own boat in home waters, and another day as crew or guest in the other fleet's waters.


The social calendar includes events at the Club House, beach parties, and luncheons and dinners at local venues or on chartered vessels.


The Club sponsors boating information and training seminars for members,  and an annual Harbor Update that is open to the public.


Volunteering is an important element in the Club's sense of community, as all activities are all-volunteer.