Skipper Reservations, Windsong  Calendar, & Rules

As a Certified Skipper, you can make a reservation request to sail. Fill out the form and acknowledge that you’ve read the Rules and Procedures. The request is sent to the Dispatcher, who will send a return e-mail confirming your request.

Note: This form is for MYC members who are certified skippers to request use of  Windsong for a day.   If you wish to sail on  Windsong as a passenger, crew member, or request mentoring to become a Skipper, please use the Member Sailing Request page.

Windsong  General Procedures & Rules

  1. All Skippers and Crew shall wear a life jacket
  2. Wear non-marking, closed toe shoes.
  3. No alcohol is allowed aboard.
  4. No more than 4 persons aboard the vessel.
  5. Sailing limited to daylight hours and in moderate wind conditions.
  6. Sailing area is restricted to Nantucket Sound.
  7. Upon the sail’s completion, send Boat Condition Status E-mail to Dispatcher

Windsong  Detailed Procedures & Rules

Skippers must be aware of and follow all Windsong Detailed Procedures & Rules descibed on the Procedures & Rules page.


Skippers should also be familiar with all the Windsong equipment listed on the Specs & Equipment page.


Reservation & Dispatch Process


  • Submit the reservation request, (using the form to the right/below) requesting Windsong - Date / time. 
    Submitting the form sends an email to the MYC Dispatcher.
    The Dispatcher will email back a confirmation of the reservation.

  • Float Plan
    We STRONGLY recommend that you file a Float Plan. The United States Coast Guard Mobile Phone App has one. A “File A Float Plan” tab is on the app’s home page. By filing the plan, you’ve informed a family member or friend of your intention to sail and when you are expected to return. Apprise them of your safe return after the sail.

  • Untimely Return
    If you think you will be later returning to the mooring than the time specified in your reservation, please inform the Dispatcher with an e-mail or phone call.

  • Boat Condition Status E-mail
    Upon the sail’s completion, reply to the Dispatcher’s reservation e-mail letting them know the condition of the boat upon return, noting any issues you’ve observed while on the boat. Please send the e-mail even if there is nothing to report.

  • If You Don’t End Up Taking the Boat Out due to weather or scheduling issues, please inform the Dispatcher.

Reservation Form 

The Windsong bookings calendar, below the reservations form, shows when Windsong is free.


By submitting this reservation form, the member acknowledges having read the Windsong  Procedures & Rules (at left), and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth therein. 


This form will be sent to the Windsong  reservation manager who will be in touch with you to confirm and reserve the date requested, if available. 


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Windsong Calendar