Windsong  Sailing Overview

Windsong, the Club’s 22 foot Cape Dory keel sailboat is available to ALL members of MYC to use, whether you are experienced or beginner. 

  • Experienced sailors may sail the boat on their own once they have been certified as a Skipper by Windsong’s Program Mentors designated by the Commodore.
  • If your sailing experience is limited or you’ve never sailed, the Windsong Committee will schedule you to go out with a Skipper.

    The Windsong Committee, through coordination with Skippers, will offer new or less experienced sailors on-the-water experience. On-water sailing lessons, combined with classroom learning, is a proven way to learn how to sail.

Windsong Programs 2024 Overview

  1. Training & Certification
  • Skipper Certification is for those members with significant previous sailing experience who desire to be certified to skipper Windsong. See all the pre-requisites, expectations, and process on the Skipper Certification page.
  • Learn to Sail: for novices. See the description of this on the Learning to Sail page.
  • Crew: More than a novice, less than a skipper?  Learn the skills of various crew positions on the sailboat. See the description of this on the Learning to Sail  page.
  1. On the Water Sailing
  • Certified Skippers may request to take the boat out, with their own crew/passengers.
    To see all the procedures, rules, and request form for skippering the boat yourself,  see the Skipper Reservations page.
  • MYC Members can request time sailing on Windsong under the command of a Certified Skipper, either for learning to sail, mentoring, or just for a recreational sail.
    See the rules for passengers and crew, and an explanation of how the Windsong team will arrange for your sail, on the Member Sailing Request page.

Windsong  Sailing  Clubhouse  Events


Windsong Skippers Meeting            May 25,  10:30 AM,  Clubhouse

Windsong  Meeting  & Social            June 9,  4-6 PM,  Clubhouse

MYC  Sailor's Social  *                              June 16, 2:30 PM (post Sunday Race)

MYC  Sailor's Social  *                              July 10,  5 PM

MYC  Sailor's Social  *                              Aug 11, 2:30 PM (post Sunday Race)

Sailing Season Wrap up Party  *     Sept 22  4-6 PM, Clubhouse

   * :  All MYC Sailors, Windsong + Racing + enthusiasts

To Request A Sail 

  • Click the Member Sailing Request  page if you are interested in
    • going out on the boat as a passenger
    • learning to sail
    • becoming a certified Skipper
    • having a personal discussion to learn more about how to have a sailing experience on Windsong

The Windsong Committee will schedule you with a Certified Skipper to get out on the water. (We ask your patience in scheduling learning sails as we actively build the number of Certified Skippers.).

  • Certified Skippers, click the Skipper Reservations page, to see the Calendar of Windsong’s availability and fill out the Request Form for a specific date and time you’d like to take the boat out.

Windsong  Committee


The MYC Board of Governors approved the  acquisition of the boat in 2022 for the purpose of enhancing Club members’ on-water boating experiences and seamanship. The BOG will evaluate the program over the next two-years to judge boat use and progress toward program goals.


The Windsong Club Keelboat Program is overseen by by the 'Windsong Program Committee'. See the Windsong  Committee page for members of this team, goals and responsibilities, and further links that describe the infrastructure of maintenance, insurance, and more that has been put in place to support these programs.