Club House Parties / BYOB - 2021


The status of all MYC activities is being reviewed regularly by the Commodores and Board of Governors,
 individual activity pages and 
MYC calendar being updated as decisions are made.  Last updated  8/10/2021



Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) Cocktail Parties are held at the Club House monthly, or in special locations in October thru December. All parties start at 5 pm and run until 7 pm.  Bring an hors d’oeuvre to share. Glasses, ice and set ups are provided by the club. 


Club House Parties are a great way to meet other members! If you would like to bring a guest who is interested in joining Monomoy Yacht Club, contact Ron Broman, Chairman of the Membership Committee, or Lorraine Cocolis of the Membership Committee, to reserve a spot for your guest(s).



2021 Club Socials Dates


Date                          Day                              Location          Time



June 17                        Thursday                   Club House       5:00-7:00
July 15                          Thursday                   Club House       5:00-7:00

July 20                        Tuesday                       Club House       5:00-7:00

August 11                  Wednesday             Cancelled

August 19                 Thursday                  Cancelled

If you would like to volunteer to co-host a Club House Social event, contact Susan Eldredge at , and she will add you to the volunteers schedule.


Zoom for Club House Socials

  1. Club House socials will start with a Welcome by the Commodore.

  2. Next, everyone will be invited into a small group (in a Zoom 'Breakout Room'). Assignment will be random. You do not have to stay in the initial Breakout Room (see Tips below)

  3. Each room will have a Room Host, whose name will be the title of the room. The Room Hosts will stay in their room for the whole time.

  4. You may move around at any time, either going to a different small group Breakout Room (see Tips below), or back to the main meeting room (just use the "Leave" button in Zoom and select "Leave Room".

  5. At about half-way through the social, we'll make a suggestion that people move around, if you haven't already. You can move or not - your choice. 

  6.  Near the end of the meeting, everyone will come back to the main room for  closing remarks.

Zoom Tips for Small Group Rooms (Breakout Rooms)

  • You can move around the virtual Club House at any time from group to group, mingling just as you can in a real BYOB.

To leave your small group and return to the main meeting room (where you can stay or later move back to any Breakout Room), use the "Leave" button on the Zoom screen and select "Leave  Room".


To move at any time into a different Breakout Room - What you see next depends on your device - 

On a laptop / desktop: 

  1. Select "Breakout Rooms" on the Zoom control bar (same bar as where the "Mute" and "Participants" buttons are located).  See picture below.
    Then select "Choose Breakout Room" - (see picture below).

  2.    You will see a list of the Breakout Rooms, with titles (names of hosts), and who is in each room. You can click the 'Join' button for the room you want to join.  (See picture to the right).

On a tablet (iPad)

  1. Tap "Join Breakout Room", on the left side of the screen - see image to the right.

  2. You will see a list of rooms, with titles (names of hosts), but no list of who is in each room. You can tap to select the room you want to join.