Training Seminars

The Club presents a popular series of free Informal seminars, workshops, and lectures for members. Those which are open to the public may be held in other venues. Some workshops are held on the water or on the beach, and may involve optional boating sessions.


Past seminars, some of which may be repeated due to demand, include: Chatham Boating Update; Marlinspike Seamanship; Rafting, Docking and Boating; First Mate 101; Putting Your Boat to Bed; Successful Shellfishing.


The seminar and workshop schedule is printed on a “refrigerator card” each year.


Details of each course and sign-up information is sent out by email to MYC members in advance of each seminar.

2021 Training Seminars Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, all training seminars are held at the Club House.



2021 Schedule TBD.

Training Presentations Archive


The slides from prior training sessions are available for download, as listed below.


MYC Weather Presentation
Weather training session presented by Douglas Fields
MYC Weather Presentation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB