Mill Pond / Stage Harbor to Oyster Pond Paddle


This trip can be made in either direction, and we usually choose to go with the tide in the Oyster River. Going up the river with the tide is often the easiest trip, because usually the wind also blows up the river.


Total trip time is about 2+ hours, including a stop along the way for a stretching/snack/water break.


If starting from Mill Pond, there is no parking at the Mill Pond town landing, so one must drop kayaks at the Town Landing and park on Main Street or in a lot. It is 4 miles to the Oyster Pond beach.  Alternative: Begin the trip at the Town Landing across from the yacht club on Bridge St.  This makes for a bit shorter outing, around 3 1/2 miles.


The paddle can finish up at either Oyster Pond Beach, or at the landing at the end of Oyster Pond Furlong. Since this is a one-way trip,  it requires either a ½ mile walk back to the cars, or positioning some cars at the Oyster Pond end for shuttle service. There is parking at both these locations at the Oyster Pond end.