MYC Windsong  Learning to Sail

For new sailors or those brushing up on your skills, this program will increase seamanship and help sailors build confidence in handling the boat.


Certified Skippers will take out crew for the purpose of familiarizing them with the boat- its equipment and procedures, teaching fundamentals of sailing, hands-on sailing and safety procedeures. The on-water learning will be accompanied with dry-land practice and seminars and informal learning offered at the Clubhouse.

The Windsong Committee has developed the following  “Basic Sailing Program Sailing Achievement Level Cards” as a guide to self-learning sailing skills.  (See below to download this guide as a PDF document.)
The skill sets are divided into four levels: 

  • Mate
  • Midshipman/Midshipwoman
  • Master
  • Skipper

 Skills described in this guide are specific to each level but build as a progression through the four levels. Once the sailor can demonstrate to a Program Mentor that they have accomplished the skills of the specific level skills, a sailor will pass from one level to the next.


Resources for Self-Learning 

  • US Sailing Basic Keelboat textbook.   Click here to view.

  • Sail Cape Cod - 3 day Certified Basic Keelboat Course. This course is a combination of on-water and classroom instruction. Successful completion of this program leads to MYC's Skipper certification.     Click here to view.

  • Pleasant Bay Community Boating.  Click here to view

  • You Tube Videos on various topics listed in the skills Achievement Level Cards PDF.  (See below for PDF download).

  • MYC Seminars, on the Training Seminars page.

The "Basic Sailing Program Sailing Achievement Level Cards" guide is available as a PDF document, which can be downloaded and reviewed.

MYC Sailing Achievement Level Cards
MYC Sailing Achievement Level Cards.pdf
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