Boating Raft-ups and Rendezvous

Boating get-togethers, called rendezvous and raft-ups, are at the heart of the Club’s popular boating activities. Rendezvous are designated by area: SOUTH (more accessible to Stage Harbor boats), EAST (more accessible to boats in Pleasant Bay and Aunt Lydia’s Cove), and SOUTH / EAST (both areas). Some rendezvous are held at beach or waterfront locations accessible by both boat or car - look for the 'Drive To' rendezvous in the list below.


All members are welcome at all rendezvous, and reminders will be sent via email to all members. Boat owners are strongly encouraged to invite members who are not boat owners and members from the other areas. Any members who would like to go to a rendezvous aboard a participating member’s boat should call or email the appropriate Flotilla Commander.


It is customary to bring lunch, hors d’oeuvres to share, and your own beverages. At beach parties, bring beach chairs. For raft-ups, boats should carry sufficient fenders and dock lines for both sides of the hull.


2019 Raft-Up and Rendezvous Schedules

South Flotilla Schedule  (with High Tides - HT)

  • July 14 - 10:00am -  Pleasant Bay Rendezvous  (HT: 11:28)
        Joint South/East Raft-Up & Lunch.  South start time is 10:00am.
  • July 20 - 3:00pm - Crescent Beach Raft Up  (HT: 3:35)
        (This is a Boat, Kayak and Sailboat Event)
  • TBD - 11:00am - Monomoy Lighthouse  (HT: 2:39)
        (With US Fish & Wildlife; 3 weeks notice)
  • August 14 - 10:30am - Bass River Rendezvous  (HT: 12:46)
  • August 22 - 4:00pm - Crescent Beach Raft Up  (HT: 5:41)
  • Sept. 11 - 11:00am - Oyster Pond Raft Up  (HT 11:34)

East Flotilla Schedule

  • July 14 - 11:15am -  Pleasant Bay Rendezvous  (HT: 11:28)
        Joint South/East Raft-Up & Lunch.  East start time is 11:15am.
  • July 17 CANCELLED - Meetinghouse Pond Raft Up
               (Replaced by combined July 14 Raft-Up)
  • August 1  CANCELLED  - Crow’s Pond Raft Up 
  • TBD - Nantucket Rendezvous 

Drive To Rendezvous

  • June 25 - 9:00am - Barnstable Harbor Whale Watch & Luncheon
  • July 25- 4:00pm - Jacknife Beach Lobster Roll
  • TBD - Pleasant Bay Community Boating
  • August 14 - 6:00pm - Moonrise at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
              (Moonrise at 7:34)
  • August 17 - 5:00pm - Harding’s Beach Evening Get Together


Raft-Up and Rendezvous Information

  • Boat owners should display the MYC burgee while at the rendezvous.

  • Those with radios should monitor VHF-FM Channel 68 during the period when boats are gathering or proceeding to rendezvous. The Flotilla Commander or another designated boat will maintain Channel 68 guard.


Questions and suggestions regarding rendezvous should be directed to the appropriate Flotilla Commander (see below). We will schedule additional boating events with sufficient interest.


To encourage more “on water” activity without formal planning, on the Wednesdays in July and August when there are no rendezvous, we suggest noontime Beach Parties at North Beach Island in the East, and Crescent Beach in the South. These locations have good water and swimming at all tides. 

Flotilla Commanders:

East: Tom MacArthur

South: Vince Fiorda

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