MYC Windsong  Program Committee

The MYC Board of Governors approved the  acquisition of the boat in 2022 for the purpose of enhancing Club members’ on-water boating experiences and seamanship. The BOG will evaluate the program over the next two-years to judge boat use and progress toward program goals.


The Windsong programs are overseen by the 'Windsong  Program Committee', composed of the following members.

Contact details can be found in the Member Directory  (Password required)

  • Debbie Nelson – Chair
  • David Doherty - Dispatcher
  • David Holden
  • Rick Reed
  • Kent Richardson -  Maintenance
  • Peter Sundquist – Maintenance
  • David Vincent - Training, Skipper Mentor

The committee is responsible for defining and operating all activity related to  Windsong, including

  • Making the use of Windsong fit into the club's mission.
  • Member sailing programs
    • Certification, training, mentoring, scheduling
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance and regulatory requirements

The Windsong  Program Committee is also responsible for establishing the framework by which the club's experience of owning and operating Windsong can be evaluated after its agreed initial two-year trial period.


Factors such as the following (and more) will be used to set objectives, track, and evaluate the success of the Windsong programs:

  • Cost of program, usage history, number of qualified skippers, number of crew members,  end of season user evaluations, and input from new MYC members about whether the club ownership of Windsong played a part in joining the club.