MYC Windsong  Skipper Certification

To be certified as a MYC Skipper, provide evidence of having successfully passed a state-approved Boating Safety Course or higher qualification.  Be prepared to demonstrate on the water to a Skipper Mentor command of the following:


Before Sailing

  • Demonstrate proper assessment of current weather, sea conditions and crew and boat readiness
  • Know how and why to file a pre-sail Float Plan
  • Understand and perform the pre-sail boat check
  • Properly rig the sails and lines


Basic On Boat Skills

  • Tying and usage of knots
  • Demonstrate knowledge of sail controls: halyards, sheets, Cunningham, outhaul, boom vang
  • Docking and Mooring Pick-up
  • Use of motor
  • Points of Sail, Starting, Stopping, Controlling speed, tacking, getting out of irons, jibing, backing the jib, reefing, using telltales, heaving to
  • Demonstrate crew coordination and communication skills
  • Safety and Emergency Maneuvers: Man Overboard, Distress Call, Basic First Aid, CPR
  • Understanding of Aids to Navigation, Navionics Phone App, Charts


Securing Boat After Sail

  • Proper de-rigging, storage of sails and equipment, clean boat, etc.
  • Send a Safe Return of Boat e-mail back to Dispatcher



Skippers, once certified, are encouraged to mentor those sailors who are new to sailing, who are developing the skills to become skippers themselves, or simply skipper a sail for an MYC member friend. Speak with David Vincent if you are interested in becoming a Mentor.