Windsong  Procedures & Rules


  1. All Skippers and Crew shall wear a life jacket
  2. Wear non-marking, closed toe shoes.
  3. No alcohol is allowed aboard.
  4. No more than 4 persons aboard the vessel.
  5. Sailing limited to daylight hours and in moderate wind conditions.
  6. Sailing area is restricted to Nantucket Sound.
  7. Upon the sail’s completion, send Boat Condition Status E-mail to Dispatcher

Boat Operation How-Tos


Demonstration Videos:  Click on links to view on YouTube.

MYC Windsong Engine Demonstration

MYC Windsong Radio Demonstration

Windsong pre-sail checklist


1. Meet with crew and discuss weather - wind, temp, fog risk. Tides, currents. Wave height and period. Assess crew abilities, clothing and PFD’s and mutually agree go or no go decision

2. File float plan

3. Use onshore head

4. Take Stage Harbor launch to Windsong

5. Approaching Windsong observe if topsides are undamaged

6. On boarding, Windsong fasten safety line and check boat condition starting at the bow. Use this inspection to also inform the crew.

7. Check all stays and ensure clevis pins are secured with cotter pins.

8. Check anchor and instruct crew how to deploy

9. Check turnbuckles are moused and have threads showing within

10. Check the fuel level in the gas tank.

11. Retrieve type IV PFD from the starboard locker.

12. Demonstrate to crew use of Lifesling

13. Demonstrate to crew use of engine

14. Open cabin and place washboards in starboard cockpit locker

15. Check porta-potty and show the crew how to use it.

16. Check the seacock under the sink is closed and show the crew the emergency tapered wood plugs

17. Check the orange box contents for emergency flares, tools and flashlight

18. Turn on two lower switches for radio and depth finder. Bottom switch is for voltage check.

19. Demonstrate to crew use of radio, volume and squelch and show how to call mayday on channel 16

20. Point out fire extinguishers and explain how to use them

21. Point out cockpit seacocks and ensure they are in the open position.

22. Report any boat condition problems by email to before setting sail

23. Go sailing!


Download a PDF copy of the Windsong pre-sail checklist to print and take with you on your sail.

Windsong pre-sail checklist
Windsong pre-sail checklist.pdf
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Windsong Secure checklist


1. Pennant bridle and chafing gear secure

2. Jib fully reefed and jib sheets belayed

3. Mainsail ties in place and head of main tied down

4. Mainsail cover secured and anti-Gull line above

5. Compass cover in place

6. Seacock under sink closed

7. Remove main sheet from cam cleat and belay

8. Stow cockpit cushions and type 4 PFD

9. Tiller secured - use mainsheet or spare lines

10. Engine off and in raised position

11. Call stage Harbor launch on channel 9

12. Turn off all switches

13. Install washboards and lock cabin


Download a PDF copy of the Windsong Secure checklist to print and take with you on your sail.

Windsong Secure checklist
Windsong Secure Checklist .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 40.5 KB