Joining Monomoy Yacht Club

A Boating Community of Friends

To get more information about membership in the Monomoy Yacht Club, please use the Contact page contact form, or send an email to, or a letter to Monomoy Yacht Club; PO Box 175; Chatham, MA, 02633 or leave a message at 508-945-3766.


On this page and the links below, you will find information about the Monomoy Yacht Club,  benefits of membership, and a summary description of the application and interview process.

  • The MYC Home page has a brief description of the Club and its mission.
  • The MYC History page has some history of the Club.
  • Browse the pages of this website to see all the Club's activities.

Sponsorship:  A new membership application requires the sponsorship of

  1. Two existing members who have known the candidate(s) for at least two years; or
  2.  If only one sponsor is available, the Membership Committee can also act as a second sponsor, following an interview to ascertain the candidates suitability for the Club.
  • Current MYC Members:  The page "Sponsoring a New Member" may also be helpful;   it has additional information from that perspective.

Benefits of MYC Membership

The image below shows the Monomoy Yacht Club brochure.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


A printed copy of this brochure is available from the membership committee, or from club officers using the contact information at the top of this page. 

Club Dues & Fees

Yearly Dues:  $200

Application Fee: $50  (with membership application; non-refundable;
                                                          credited toward Initiation Fee).

Initiation Fee:  $500  (upon invitation to join the Club; one-time)

Application and Interview Process

A summary of the application and interview process is:

  • Applicant(s) completes the The Membership Application (view here). 
  • Applicant(s) writes a letter to the Monomoy Yacht Club requesting membership.
  • At least one sponsor writes a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Candidate(s).  Additional letters welcome.
  • After receipt of these material, plus a non-refundable deposit of $50, an interview with the Membership Committee will be scheduled.
  • At every point in the process, the Membership Committee encourages the applicant(s) to describe which of the Club’s Boating, Social or Volunteering activities would be of the most interest.
  • The MYC Board of Governors will consider the recommendations of the Membership Committee.
  • If approved, Candidate(s) will receive a letter from  the Commodore inviting them to join the Club.
  • If the Sponsors or Candidates have questions or concerns at any time in the process, they should contact the Membership Committee for assistance.