Credit: Rebecca A.
Credit: Rebecca A.

The MYC Kayaking program organizes approximately six to eight kayak paddles each summer in the bays, ponds, rivers, and streams of Cape Cod.


Kayaking Activity Leaders

Rich Simpson, Mark McManus, and Stephanie Stiener lead the group, but others in the group take charge of leading individual paddles, researching tides and routes and leading the group on the water.


Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs, i.e. life-vests) are required equipment. The trips are typically 3 to 5 miles and a couple of hours in duration, with a mid-paddle stop for a rest and snack. The schedule is publicized club-wide, but you need to be on the MYC Kayaking email list (myc.kayaking@gmail.com) to receive last-minute notices of changes or cancellations due to wind or weather. The group does easy to easy-intermediate paddles, and only when the weather and wind forecast is very good.


Some of the group's past kayak trips are posted on the Past Kayak Trips page, for the benefit of club members who want to do these trips on their own.


2024 Kayak Adventures

Date                                     Rain Date                      Excursion                          Leader


May 30 @ 9AM              June 3 @9AM              Intro Kayaking Mill Pond     Simpson

June 18 @ 9 AM            June 20 @ 10:30AM    Stage Harbor/                     CANCELLED

                                                                                                               Snake River/Crescent Beach

July 1 @10AM                  July 16 @ 10AM              Follins Pond                          CANCELLED

July 11 @ 9:30AM        July 12 @ 10:30               Battlefield/Oyster River  CANCELLED

July 31 @9AM                 Aug 2 @ 11AM                  Nauset Marsh                      Koch

Aug 7 @ 9:30AM         Aug 8 @ 10AM                 Sipson Island                       Clark/Simpson

Aug 12 @10:30AM     Aug 13 @ 11:15                 Swan River                             Fortin

Aug 21 @9:30AM       Aug 22 @ 9:30                 Crows Pond                           Noonan

Aug 27 @ 9:30                                                                      Follins Pond                          Lorefice

Sept 13 @ 9AM              Sept 14 @ 10AM             Muddy Creek                       McManus

Sept 16 @ 10:30AM   Sept 18 @ 12 noon       Chase Garden Creek      Benjamin

Sept 30 @ 10AM           Oct 2 @ 10AM                  Boat Meadow                      Inglin/Mellea