MYC Facilities - Docks & Moorings


Dock & Moorings

The Club maintains two moorings in Stage Harbor for Club members and visiting guests. Each is attached to a 4,000 pound block. The fee schedule is available from the Dock and Mooring Committee.


MYC #1 @ 041º39.90N - 069º57.83W

MYC #2 @ 041º39.83N - 069º57.87W


The rules governing use of the moorings are:

  1. All requests must be made in advance to Peter Gruol, Dock & Moorings Chairman, 617-571-4830 (no text) or  for a specific period, not to exceed 14 days.
  2. If an extension of time is desired, notify Peter Gruol in advance , and he will approve a continuation if possible. Mooring requests for longer than 14 days, will also require a Chatham Harbor Waterways Permit, available from the Chatham Harbor Master, 508 945 5185.
  3. The fee for the use of a club mooring is $50.00 per night.  Click for the Temporary Mooring Request Form.


Dinghy Dock Regulations

A floating dock is maintained by the Club for the convenience of members and visitors. It is located adjacent to the Stage Harbor Marine launch dock and is to be used for securing small boats used only as tenders.


All dinghies must be registered; the current annual fee is $50.00, payable in advance. Dinghies must have affixed, on the inside transom, the "MYC Dinghy Dock Registration" sticker showing registration number, owners name and telephone number. Stickers with the Club burgee are available from the Dock and Mooring Committee.


Visitors from Reciprocal Yacht Clubs, as identified in the Register of American Yacht Clubs, may use the MYC Dinghy Dock with permission from a member of the Dock and Mooring Committee for the duration shown on their Mooring Request form.


“Due to the present status of the Dinghy Dock and the launch area at Stage Harbor Marine, the MYC Board for Governors has limited the number of members dinghys to 12”.