Sponsoring a Candidate for Membership

Monomoy Yacht Club - A Boating Community of Friends

On this page, you will find additional information from the perspective of a current MYC member sponsoring a new member.

If you want to refer a friend to the MYC Website to learn more about the Club, refer them to the "Joining MYC" public-facing page, which can also be accessed by a "Membership Information" button on the website Home Page, or from the website menu bar  "About MYC" -> "Joining MYC".


"Create Interest in the Club"

These resources may assist in generating interest in the Monomoy Yacht Club.

  • MYC Brochure.  The brochure is available in the Club House, or from any of the Commodores, or from the Membership Committee.  An image of the brochure can be viewed on the "Joining MYC" page.
  •  "Bring a Guest".  Guests are welcome at most MYC activities. Activity announcements often suggest that members bring a guest; if you are not sure whether guests can be invited, just check with the activity organizer.

A membership in the Monomoy Yacht Club can be an individual or a couple.  The Club has a limit of 200 memberships, but new membership applications are always welcome and encouraged.

The Membership Application is also available in an envelope on the New Members Bulletin Board in the Clubhouse, or  email from the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee acts as a resource for both the sponsor and the candidate in completing the Membership Application.

Membership Committee:

  • Dan Phillips, Chair
  • Beth Joseph
  • Deborah Clark
    Contact details for committee members can be found in the MYC Member Directory  (password required).

2024 Membership Committee Interview Dates:

  •       February 17,  9:30 am
  •       June 8,  9:30 am   
  •       August 24,  9:30 am
  •       September 21,  9:30 am      

Membership Process


 A new membership requires the sponsorship of

  1. Two existing members who have known the candidate(s) for at least two years; or
  2. If only one sponsor is available the Membership Committee can also act as a second sponsor, following an interview to ascertain the candidates suitability for the Club. 

The steps in the membership process are described below:

  •  The Membership Application requires the Candidate(s) to provide contact information, career history and current status, members the Candidate(s) know, boating interests and where they think they would like to contribute time and energy once they are members.
  • Once the application is complete the Candidate(s) will write a letter to the Monomoy Yacht Club requesting membership and explaining why, and how they will contribute to the Club.
  • At least one sponsor will write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Candidate(s). The Sponsors will sign the application. The Candidate(s) or the Sponsors will send the completed application, the Candidate(s) letter, and both Sponsors’ letters along with a non refundable check for $50.00 to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee, listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Once the completed application has been accepted by the Membership Committee the Candidate(s) and Sponsors will be notified of the next date for an interview by the Club Officers. At the interview Sponsors will introduce the Candidates. The Membership Committee and Club Officers will describe the Club history and current Club programs. The Candidates will be asked to summarize how they arrived in Chatham and at this Monomoy Yacht Club interview.
  • At the next Monomoy Yacht Club Board of Governors meeting, the Membership Committee will submit the Candidates names for membership and if approved the Commodore will send a letter to the Candidates inviting them to join the Club.
  • If the Sponsors or Candidates have questions or concerns at any time in the process they should contact the Membership Committee for assistance.