Sailboat Racing

The MYC sailboat racing program is now in its third year. Along with Drew Meincke of Stage Harbor Marine and Stage Harbor Yacht Club, MYC organizes and hosts informal sailboat races in Nantucket Sound. MYC boats join other Chatham sailors in late afternoon races. In addition to owners racing their own boats, MYC members have been crewing.


Races will take place on one of several pre-set courses, depending on wind and weather. Descriptions of the courses can be seen on the Race Course Maps page.


MYC reaches out to other Yacht Clubs and looks for areas of common interest in cruising, racing, and education. In the past we joined Stage Harbor Yacht Club’s Henry T. Woodland Blue Water Race. We have hosted seminars on racing tactics, and will continue to include sailing and racing topics regularly in the MYC seminar program. Instructors are experienced MYC and Stage Harbor Yacht Club members.


Get in the loop with MYC Sailboat Racing! Let the Racing Committee know that you are interested by registering here. (Both skippers and crew should sign up!)

2018 Sailboat Racing Schedule


May 5 - Saturday, 9:30am - Sailboat Captains’ Meeting

May 19 - Saturday, 9:30am - Sailboat Racing Seminar

June 3 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Sailboat Race

June 23 - Saturday, 9:30am - Sunfish Racing Seminar

June 24 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Sailboat Race

July 29 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Sailboat Race

August 26 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Sailboat Race

September 9 - Sunday, 1:00pm - Ernest W. Dutton Memorial Sailboat Race

      (see separate page about this race)