Club House Room Reservations & House Rules

 All use of the  MYC Club House facility is shown on the MYC Events and Activities Calendar.


This page is about reserving the Club House room - whether for Club meetings or functions, or member use.


Club committees using the Club House should reserve the room in order to avoid conflicts in room usage.


The board encourages the members to use the clubhouse for personal functions.


Reservations must be arranged through the house reservations form below, or by contacting the house reservations managers, Bob & Joanna Noonan.

A member must be present at all times; no fee may be charged to attend a member activity at the Club.
Members/persons who have permission to use the clubhouse for private functions will kindly observe the following rules:
1. No smoking in the clubhouse.
2. Grills, hibachis or electrical appliances are not allowed. The coffee maker is available and may be used.
3. Fire regulations allow a maximum of fifty people in the clubhouse.
4. The host/member is responsible for any incidental damage to the property and the furnishings.
5. The club assumes no responsibility for any personal property brought to or left on the premises.
1. Be sure it is clean.
2. The coffee maker, if used, must be cleaned and turned off.
3. Turn off the ventilator.
4. Close and lock the windows.
5. Secure the faucets.
6. Return all the furniture to its proper place and lower the shades.
7. Place all the trash in the dumpster at the foot of the stairs.
8. Leave the thermostat set at 60 degrees.
9. Turn off all the lights.
10. Following a private event, the clubhouse will be checked/inspected by an MYC officer. If the clubhouse has not been satisfactorily cleaned or all the requirements followed, then a $50 fee may be charged to the member.

MYC Club House Room Reservation Form

By submitting this reservation form, the member acknowledges having read the reservation rules and agrees to the terms and conditions.


This form will be sent to the Club House reservations managers, who will be in touch with you to confirm, and will reserve the time on the MYC Events and Activities calendar.