Upcoming Paddle Details


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2019 MYC Kayak Paddles - Details below as they become available


June 28 - Friday, 9 am - Meeting House Pond to Arey’s Pond, Orleans

                Leaders: Maryellen and Bob Lorefice

July 12 - Friday, 9 am - Herring River, Harwich

                Leaders: Jan and Doug Fields

July 29 - Monday, 10:30 am - Bass River to Follins Pond, Dennis/Yarmouth

                Leaders: Jay and Ruth Tichenor

August 9 - Monday, 9 am - Nauset Marsh, Eastham

                Leaders: Ron & Deborah Clark, Rich & Sue Simpson

August 26 - Monday, 9:30 am - 4th Annual Muddy Creek/Wequassett

                Plus optional paddle to Round Cove/Wequassett for libations.

                Leaders: Mark and Mimi McManus

September 5 - Thursday, 3:30 pm - Cape Cod Bay with tidal rivers, Brewster

                Leader: Bill Kyle


Meeting House Pond to Arey's Pond, Orleans

June 28, 2019


The Friday, June 28th, kayak trip will be led by Bob and Maryellen Lorefice. We will be meeting at 9am for a 9:15am launch. We will be traveling from Meeting House Pond (in Orleans) to Arey’s Pond and back.


Directions to the Launch: Entering Orleans from Chatham on Route 28, turn right at the second traffic light onto Main Street (Methodist Church on the right). Follow Main Street 1-1/4 miles to the Barley Neck Inn, where Barley Neck Road forks off to the right. Follow Barley Neck Road, which forks again to the right about a block after the Barley Neck Inn. The launch site is on Barley Neck Road, on your right, 5/10 of a mile from the start of Barley Neck Road. It is located on the right just as the road starts to go uphill again after a short descent. If you get to Tide's End road you have gone too far.


Parking:There is parking for about 10 cars in the lot. There are also a few spaces on Barley Neck Road just before the entrance, a few more at the base of the driveway, and a bunch on the grass to the right. You do not need an Orleans sticker to park there.


Trip Description: This 5.6 mile trip goes from Meeting House Pond to Arey's Pond traveling through The River, past the Kent's Point conservation area, and up the Namequoit River, to Arey's Pond. This trip is all in the upper reaches of Pleasant Bay and thus is all in salt water. It is well protected so waves are not a problem but it can get windy. We will stop at Kent’s Point on our return trip for lunch and optional swim. At this point we will only be 15 minutes from the launch site.


Cancellation for poor weather will be via email by 7:30 am. PFDs are required; bug spray optional.