Windsong  Sailing Program

Windsong is a 22-foot Cape Dory keel sailboat owned by MYC, moored in Stage Harbor, and available to  MYC members (or prospective members) in several staged usage  programs.


For 2022, the focus is on:

  1. Skipper Certification - already well-experienced/qualified MYC members need to be certified to be a skipper of  Windsong. This is not training; this is certification for insurance and other purposes. Once certified, skippers can take the boat out for sailing excursions. 
  2. Sailing on Windsong - MYC members have an opportunity to sail with a certified skipper on a  sailing outing.
  3.  If you are interested in becoming certified as skipper, contact David Vincent (at email address to the right).
    If you are interested in going for a sail, contact Debbie Nelson (at email address to the right). 
    • The details and procedures for each program are outlined below, with links to other pages for  more detail.
  4. In 2023, the Windsong programs will expand to include training of MYC members to become certified skippers, for those who are not yet fully qualified sailors. 


The programs for using Windsong are free to MYC members. This parameter is subject to change after an initial two years of operating this pilot program.  


Other website pages related to the MYC Windsong Program are:


Windsong  Committee & Updates

  • Windsong  Program Committee: 
    The Windsong programs are overseen by the 'Windsong Program Committee'. See the Committee page for members of this team, responsibilities, and further links that describe the infrastructure of maintenance, insurance, trainers, and more that has been put in place to support these programs. 
  • Windsong  Committee contacts:

MYC  Windsong  Programs

"Skipper Certification" Program


Overview: The purpose of this program is to certify club members who are already sufficiently qualified, as Windsong skippers. A certified skipper can then take Windsong out on their own (with other club members as crew - see the Sailing Program to the right).


Qualifications: Members interested in becoming certified skippers of Windsong  should be ready for the following certification process:

  • A review of the member's sailing credentials -completion of Coast Guard Boating Safety Course (or comparable)
  • Completion of CPR/First Aid training
  • A review of sailing experience and other certifications through US Sailing or another comparable program.
  • The credentials review is followed by on-the-water sail(s) on Windsong to assess actual performance, and to familiarize the member with the vessel particulars.

Enrollment/Questions: To request certification, or ask questions, contact David Vincent of the Windsong Program Committee at the email address above.



"Sailing on Windsong" Program


Overview: The purpose of this program is to allow club members to participate in sailing on Windsong, as skipper (after certification) or as crew. 

  1. Members interested in being part of the crew  for a day-sail on Windsong during August-September 2022 should contact Debbie Nelson of the Windsong Program Committee at the address above.
    • There are no prerequisite skills required to be part of the crew.
  2. Certified skippers may reserve use of Windsong for a day: 
    • Use the Windsong Reservations Page to request use of the boat.
    • See the "Windsong Procedures & Rules" page for full details about reserving and using Windsong, prerequisites, and protocols.
    • Skippers can enlist their own crew, but all crew must be club members.
    • Float Plan: All skippers of Windsong must file a Float Plan, which details the planned use of the boat and emergency contact information.  The US Coast Guard mobile app should be used to create a float plan.

Questions:  Contact one of the Windsong Program Committee members listed above.